Cut Christmas and other holiday cards with laser precision! This jolly card is quick and easy to make, especially with the help of Epilog's new eView Camera Module. Click the image above and learn to create these types of stunning pieces for your customers, friends, family or laser sample collection!


Epilog Laser Launches Fusion M2 40!

Epilog is excited to announce the addition of the Fusion M2 40 to our laser line up. Following the great success of the Fusion M2 32, we have adapted the technologies developed for the Fusion M2 series into the top-of-the-line 40" x 28" (1016 x 711 mm) system, including the popular dual-source capabilities and eView Camera Module.

We've also incorporated significant improvements in the exhaust airflow and enhanced the cooling of all heat-generating components. Click below for the full story!


Epilog Laser Heads to USSC Signworld International Dec. 3 - 5

Lasers are an invaluable tool in the signage industry - from creating precise inlays to cutting dimensional signage and well beyond.

If you're headed to Atlantic City for USSC Signworld International, make sure stop by booth #513 where Epilog will be showcasing our new dual-source Fusion M2 laser, as well as our innovative new camera recognition system, the eView Camera Module!


Video Demonstration: Fusion M2 Dual-Source

Epilog is constantly adding to our video library, and we are excited to now feature a comprehensive demonstration of the Fusion M2 32 to share!

Click the "learn more" button below and watch as we walk you through the features, benefits and set up steps to create stunning engraving/cutting projects on the new Fusion M2 Series!


Engraving Concepts - Monthly Open House/Clinic Activities
Getting the Most from your Investment: Laser Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Engraving Concepts in Arlington and Houston host monthly educational opportunities and open houses throughout the month. Check out the schedule of events below.

Houston, TX: Dec. 12 - Open House Activities
Arlington, TX: Dec. 14 - Corel Basics Seminar / Tech Talk
Arlington, TX: Dec. 19 - Open House Activities
Houston, TX: Dec. 21 - Corel Basics Seminar / Tech Talk

For reservations and more information, call 817.460.8122 or email

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