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máquinas laser fusion edge

Featuring up to 120 IPS (3.05 m/s) engraving speeds, 5g acceleration, and a variety of wattage configurations, the Fusion Edge Laser Series from Epilog can help you boost your productivity and expand your product offerings.

Comprised of the Fusion Edge 12, 24, and 36, all the machines in the Edge Series feature Epilog’s revolutionary IRIS™ Camera Registration System that gives laser operators a real-time image of the engraving table so they can quickly and accurately position their artwork on even the most uniquely shaped items.

Systems in the Fusion Edge Series can engrave and cut a variety of materials including wood, acrylic, fabric, cork, rubber, slate, glass, and so much more. Additionally, these easy-to-use laser machines include a 7-inch LED-lit touch display, trace capabilities at the laser, as well as SAFEGUARD™ features that keep the mechanics of your laser cleaner than ever.

Fusion Edge 12 Fusion Edge 24 Fusion Edge 36
sWork Area 610 x 305 x 178 mm
(24" x 12" x 7")
610 x 610 x 254 mm
(24" x 24" x 10")
914 x 610 x 254 mm
(36" x 24" x 10")
Opções de laser CO2 ou fibra CO2 CO2
CO2 30, 40, 50, 60 watts
30, 40, 50, 60, 80 watts 50, 60 ou 80 watts
fibra 30 watts - -
Câmaras IRIS™ 1 suspensa 2 suspensa 2 suspensa
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