Laser It Challenge #2: Laser Engraving a Halloween Pumpkin with Baby Yoda

Laser engraving a Mandalorian-themed pumpkin with an Epilog Fusion Pro 80-watt laser.

Definições de gravação
Machine: 80-Watt CO2 Fusion Pro 32
DPI500 Velocidade20% Potência100% Dithering PatternStucki Engraving DirectionBottom-Up Cycles2
(Não deixe de consultar as definições de materiais recomendadas no manual da sua máquina.)

In this week's episode of the Laser It Challenge, we're posing the question: Can you laser engrave a Halloween pumpkin and back light the engraving to create a classic glowing effect? With the arrival of The Mandalorian Season 2, we thought it fitting to engrave our favorite character, Baby Yoda (The Child), on our pumpkin.

Note: Additional cycles and depth are the key to backlit engraving.

We used the Epilog Fusion Pro 32 with an 80-watt CO2 laser tube for this project.

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